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Business Information -- Development

Customer needs Development Manufacturing Product
At Kyoto Elex, our business is to help customers of every description to boost productivity and quality and to cut costs. We have earned accolades and great trust from our customers for our superior development capacities, based on powderizing technologies and surface processing technologies.

 Development of Via Filling Conductor Paste
  "Via Filling Conductor Paste" is a dedicated paste we developed as a conductor for connecting via-holes of printed circuit boards. This product eliminates troublesome soldering, so that you can fabricate printed circuit boards at lower cost but with higher integration.

 Development of Photosensitive Thick Film Paste
  In addition to applications in PDP electrode formation, "Photosensitive Thick Film Paste" is ideal for smaller products requiring finer wiring. Also, because it enables straight-line wiring and excellent cross-section shape, it is promising for products requiring high-frequency characteristics.

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