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Business Information -- Customer needs

Customer needs Development Manufacturing Product
Bringing Unique Expertise to Joint Research Projects
 Joint Research
 Custom Production
  Market needs are bound to become even more rapidly divergent and sophisticated. In a full-fledged research environment, our engineers are constantly refining their instincts and creative skills. You will be impressed with the contributions they can make to joint research for new product development.
  We produce customized conductor paste tailored for the substrate types and the quality of the materials used by the particular customer. Don't hesitate to ask us about products not listed here. We can cater to your needs down to the finest details.

 Prototype Production
 Technological Development
  We also make prototypes to fit the production environments of our customers. We can speedily create small-lot, diversified products that have the required characteristics and operability and match the material, processing method, and application.
  We engage in advanced technological development of mounting and connection parts such as aluminum substrates, aluminum nitride substrates, glass ceramic substrates, glass epoxy substrates, and engineering plastic resin substrates.

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