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Products information

Paste for Hibrid IC Conductive adhesive
Conductor pastes and dielectric pastes for Hybrid ICs.
NEWDD-1130 Pd free Pb-free solder
NEWDD-1240 Pd free Pb-free solder
*We accept orders for custom-made paste.

We supply conductive adhesive materials for various applications.
Solder replacement
DD-1650 series
Low stress type
High adhesion and none solvent
Super low resistivity
DD-1662K series
*We can also provide a syringe type for dispensing.

Paste system for LTCC Other paste
We are developing numerous conductor pastes for fabricating LTCC substrates that are used in high- frequency electronic components and mobile electronic circuits such as ABS.
Inner layer electrode paste
DD-1411 A series (Ag)
DD-1411 F series (Ag)
Fine-line printing
Via-filling paste
DD-1421 A series (Ag,Ag/Pd)
Top layer electrode paste
DD-1440 series (Ag/Pt)
DD-1410 series (Ag) For Plating
DD-1430 series (Ag/Pd)

Thermal print head application
DD-1205 (Ag)
Via-filling paste for electrical interconnection
Our products are useful for fabricating high-density PCBs (build up PCBs). Via-filling pastes are buried in vias or through-holes for electrically connecting layers.
Via-filling Cu and Ag paste for build up PCBs
DD-1801 series

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